As a benefits eligible employee, Dartmouth College offers you and your family a comprehensive package to choose from; including three different medical plans, two dental plan options, life insurance for you and your family members, disability insurance, and a number of other tax and money saving options.


  • Employees who are regularly scheduled to work at least half of the normal full schedule, at least nine months each year.
  • Regular Benefits Eligible employees working less than full time receive pro-rated benefits according to their percentage of working full time.
  • Temporary employees and regular employees working less than half time are not eligible for benefits.

The amount that you pay in premiums is affected by the amount of hours you work as well as the amount of annual salary received. This is important to know when you are considering a change in hours or full time equivalency (FTE).

When Benefits Begin

Benefits start on your date of hire, or date of mid-year qualifying life status event. If you incur expenses prior to enrolling, simply ask your provider to have the bill mailed to you, and once the card is received call the providers office with your ID card information and ask them to resubmit the claim.
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Employment Information

Access all your employment information including completing your W-4 and submitting your Direct Deposit information. If you are a non-exempt (hourly paid) employee, use the Kronos Electronic Time Card link. A valid Dartmouth employee NetID and password are required to access this website.